Im not sure how anyone can describe themselves in a paragraph because I think we are way deeper human beings than that. And who wants to read the simple "I love coffee, adventures, and Netflix" bio (though we may relate in those regards). I would rather you know my heart. So, my simple condensed truth is this; I am the places I have been, the people I have met, the loves I have had and the ones I have lost. I am my achievements and my failures, my confidence and my insecurities. I am a people person and yet an introvert. I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, and friend. I have known loss but more importantly I have known gain. I am humble and kind though I am human and make mistakes. And lastly, I love life and smile often. Simple, right?! Just kidding, I am far from simple but anything more than this and we will have to grab a FEW cups of coffee! ;]

 I started my photography journey in high school when I got my first "DSLR" which I can't even remember what that was, all I remember was that it was big and bulky for no reason and I couldn't even change the lens (We all start somewhere, right?). Anyways, I realized I "liked" to photograph things back then...and then I had my daughter, who is now 6 years old, and all I wanted to do was capture everything she ever did and every move she made (yes I quickly and unapologetically became "that" mom). And it was then that I realized I no longer just "liked" to photograph things, I LOVED it. I loved getting to pause special moments, even if my editing back then was far from good. It was still a moment I would have forever. Whether she was as happy as could be or a real grump. I fully believe that life and photographs are much the same, we can focus on the good anywhere we are and there will always be a beautiful moment to be captured.

Ultimately, I have a story that has led me to this point in life. Led me to my hearts desire to capture life. To press pause. To enjoy love and happiness in photographs. And I have found my passion in wedding photography simply because it is filled with the most raw emotion that you can't find anywhere else. It is a day that I hope a couple isn't worried about anything besides marrying their best friend, and can leave it to me to document that and all the little details leading up to that moment. I realize it is a rare thing to have a passion and career collide, and I am so very lucky I get to do what I love. I hope I get the chance to capture your love story <3







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